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Wireless Burglar Alarm System starts from €550

Start price includes latest Hkc Quantum (2011) control panel/keypad. Built in phone dialler for voice and text messages.
  • 1 Wireless keyfob with panic button
  • 2 x Backup batteries.
  • 1 External alarm bell with strobe light.
  • 1 Internal alarm bell.
  • 2 wireless motion detectors (PIR).
Windows and doors alarmed with wireless shock sensor with magnetic contact, add €60 each. Windows or doors alarmed with wireless magnetic contact add €45 each. Additional wireless motion sensor add €55 Price includes VAT More details- Quantum Wireless

New Burglar Alarm for Prewired Home only €500

Complete system for a pre-wired home including:
  • Latest Hkc Securewave SW 10-70 control panel and keypad, from the biggest selling alarm manufacturer in Ireland with over 40,000 control panels sold in 2011 (more than half of all the alarms sold in Ireland).
  • Windows and doors alarmed with magnetic contacts(6).
  • Motion detector (PIR).
  • 2 x Backup batteries.
  • External alarm bell with strobe light.
  • Internal alarm bell.
More details - Home Security Offer
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